A note to students from the Econ Club Tutors / Mentors


The Economics Department offers free tutoring for Econ 120, 121, 220, 221, 270, and 300. Tutoring is held three or four hours per week throughout the semester. The schedule is posted on the bulletin boards of the Economics Department (7th floor of UH ) during the second week of the Fall and Spring semester. If you need help for the classes listed above, you are always welcome to visit us. No appointment is necessary. Just show up with your textbook or class materials.

Tutors serve as mentors as well. Since we are also Econ undergraduate students, you can ask us general questions regarding the life of an econ major at UIC. We are happy to share studying tips and experiences.

 Fall 2020 Schedule

Click here for Fall 2020 schedule and Zoom information.

What You Could Do At Tutoring

  • go over concepts you would like to review with a tutor
  • review the exam or homework assignment you just got back
  • create a study plan for an exam
  • learn more about the academic life of economics students: classes, opportunities, tips for studying economics, etc.


Why Is Tutoring Beneficial?

  • It is a small and friendly environment: 

You might miss a chance to ask questions in a large classroom, but here, you can get help from a tutor on a one-to-one basis. You can even come to the room to study so that you can ask a question to a tutor whenever you need.

  • You can meet other Econ students:

You are not the only one who has questions about the class materials. When we have two or more students from the same class, we talk and study together. That way, you can deepen your understanding further. Moreover, the students often become friends and continue to study together.

  • You can get advice from a student, and get a point of view which is sometimes a bit different from the professor’s:

Of course, it is best to ask questions to your professor and/ or TA. But it may often be very helpful for you to talk to juniors or seniors in the Econ Department. We took those same classes just one or two years ago, and we may have struggled with the new terminologies or concepts at that time – as you are now. We, the tutors, may still need to briefly review the concepts before explaining them to you… However, as we do this, we will be able to tell you how to approach or familiarize yourself with these economics concepts from scratch.


We look forward to seeing you at Econ tutoring/ mentoring!